Born in Paris in 1968 After living 4 years in Dubai, she now lives and works in Italy, in Tuscany, cradle of the Renaissance.

Anne Glaziou grew up in Paris, where she studied and learned old-fashioned photographic retouching, with brushes and ink, on paper, negative (picture) and Ekta, in black & white and in colour, just before the digital invasion and Photoshop.

She began her professional life at the J.J studio in Paris with the retouching on art photographs, fashion or advertising posters. She completed her artistic training at the “Ateliers des Arts Décoratifs” at the Louvre in Paris, for more than 10 years with the study of the living model, oil painting, and refined her expertise and know-how in sculpture and modelling. In addition, she learns the techniques of decorative painting, called "Trompe l'Oeil" (Optical illusion) In parallel, she exhibited in galleries, such as the "Quincampoix" gallery in Paris III (3rd district), restaurants and bars such as the "Café Pierre" in Paris XVII (17th district) and the town hall of Paris XVII (17th district).

Using mixed technical ways: oil, acrylic, gluing/sticking, Anne Glaziou tells stories. With a desire to deform & distort a know-how, she tackles various themes to cause a reaction, through the oddity of a body, an arm that does not have to be so, a perspective or a profile. It is difficult to frame her form of expression, which is far from academicism, difficult to name her style. However, it is certain, her purpose is not to scrupulously resume reality and to arouse an emotional reaction, often with a touch of symbolism, and she uses different methods: figuration with a touch of abstract, realistic representation born from her imagination, abstract with a touch of realism, even going as far as Expressionism.

Painting of the imaginary, painting of reverie (daydream), eclectic painting and painting of emotion.

Anne Glaziou also uses different techniques of sculpture and modelling to express herself starting from a block of loam or by mounting her sculpture by and with a dumpling or logs. Thus, she transforms and creates to stage moments or periods of life. Using her pictorial philosophy to stage characters and stories.